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Depending on the hand injury, our doctors may recommend a therapist trained in hand and upper arm quadrants. We refer patients for various reasons to a therapist, some of the common reasons are:

  1. Jammed Fingers
  2. Wrist fractures
  3. Elbow fractures
  4. Painful wrist movement

What are the benefits of seeing a therapist?

  1. Patients who see a therapist will receive an assessment, immediate care and effective treatment to reduce treatment time.
  2. With a therapist a continuum of care is developed, eliminating the need for multiple medical providers.
  3. Therapy helps with faster recovery results which can lead to decreased medical costs.
  4. The patient is given goals to help with a functional outcome which allows the patient to get back to their "normal" lifestyle.

How long will I be in therapy?

  1. Every person and injury is different. At your first visit, the physical therapist will evaluate the patient by a physical or occupational therapist.
  2. Your therapist will assess your physical and functional needs and make recommendations concerning your plan of care.
  3. The therapist will work with our patient's schedule as well as their insurance to create a treatment plan that works for them.

Will I see an Occupational Therapist (OT) or a Physical Therapist (PT)?

  1. We employ OT’s, PT’s and PTA’s in our therapy department.
  2. All of our clinicians have experience with the treatment of hands and the upper quadrant.
  3. The patient will receive specialized care in hands regardless of which discipline provides the therapy.

What is a CHT?

  1. CHT stands for Certified Hand Therapist.
  2. The Certified Hand Therapist is required to have documented 4000 hours to achieve certification in direct patient care of the upper quarter and to pass the CHT examination.
  3. It is a specialist designation that can be earned by OT’s and PT’s. It represents a significant commitment and knowledge level of the treating clinician to hand therapy.

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