Cinco De Mayo

Today many will celebrate the Mexican Army’s defeat of the French in Puebla, Mexico on May 5, 1862. Celebrations will include Mexican cuisine and drinks!

Avocado HandIf making guacamole, remember to take care extracting the avocado pit to avoid a hand injury. Please refer to our previous blog Avoid Avocado Hand.

If you plan to celebrate by making frozen Margarita’s, avoid suffering from Margarita Finger!

Margarita FinderWhat is that? Margarita finger occurs when your blender becomes jammed with too much ice and the operator inserts their hand into the blender to dislodge the ice without turning it off. Yes!! We have seen this injury many times!! Some newer power blenders also have a removable blade that is razor sharp and can cause injury while washing and cleaning up. Injuries are usually lacerations that can be quite deep and require stitches or repair of tendons, nerves and arteries.

So have a safe and happy Cinco de Mayo with friends and family and stay out the ER!

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