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Kleinert Kutz fellow, Dr. Fadi Bouri, has always been fascinated by the human body and how it works. And he’s always been interested in science. But “helping people relieve their pain and suffering was the most attractive thing about becoming a doctor,” Dr. Bouri told us recently.

Fadi Bouri was born in Syria and studied medicine at the Jordan University of Science and Technology. It was an incident during his residency – while he was Chief Resident – that opened his mind and heart to specializing in hand care.

He was sitting at home one day when one of his colleagues called to tell him about a patient who had just been brought into the hospital where they worked. “He was a manual worker and had got his arm stuck in a machine. His forearm had to be amputated above the wrist level.” Dr. Bouri rushed directly to the hospital and became part of the on-call surgery team. “The response was so fast; we took the patient directly to the operating room together with the plastic surgeons. The surgery took around 9 hours. The injury was severe, with a lot of muscle damage, and we expected a bad prognosis after repair.”

But after many months and hard work, there was reason to celebrate. “I was very happy when I saw the patient moving his fingers to a level that no one from the team expected. We were so happy, and the patient was very satisfied! We took a picture together and posted it in the hospital media as the first case of replantation above wrist level with this success.” Dr. Bouri said that when he looked at that picture, he realized he wanted to be a hand surgeon.

Very soon after that, Fadi set his sights on joining the Kleinert Kutz Fellowship Program. “I was always looking to the best places in the world to practice and learn about hand surgery. The Kleinert Kutz Hand Center is well known, worldwide, and attracts surgeons from all over the world. I did an observership for one month, and I realized how important is this center is in hand surgery.” Then he says he worked hard to become a good “match” for our program.

Now that Fadi is here, he enjoys Louisville because it is a family-friendly city and our people are welcoming. We are very glad Dr. Bouri is here, and we think he’s a great “match” for us.

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