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Haiqiao Jiao, MD

This Fellow Gives Thanks

Many of the fellows that work and study with us at the Kleinert Kutz Hand Care Center express gratitude for the people that helped them on their path. Tennessee native Haiqiao Jiao is an exception to this, but not because he is ungrateful. It is quite the opposite.

When we asked Dr. Jiao if he had any mentors he wanted to name, he thoughtfully responded that there were four people who had not only helped shape his career, but inspired him to be a better physician.

He credits two different doctors he met while he was in medical school at the University of Tennessee, Drs. Bill Hickerson and George Maish, for providing early guidance and direction. “Dr. Hickerson showed me what it means to be a physician. He continues to be a source of inspiration to this day.” Dr. Maish was a dedicated mentor who was always available and helpful—especially during Haiqiao’s transition to residency.

“Dr. Kelly Babineaux is one of the main reasons that I took an early interest in hand surgery,” said Jiao. And Dr. Hamid Massiha, a master with aesthetic and cosmetic surgery, taught him “the subtleties and nuance of obtaining the best aesthetic outcome in any procedure.”

When we asked Dr. Jiao what drew him to our fellowship program, he was eloquent and complimentary. “Kleinert Kutz is a storied program with a phenomenal reputation. When I was able to see the program in action, it was clear why. I could not ask for a program that has a more well rounded patient exposure and surgical experience.”

Dr. Jiao’s specialty is the surgical management of high-grade arthritis--particularly thumb carpometacarpal (CMC) arthritis. Surgery is perhaps the most rewarding task of the profession says Jiao. “I find the immediacy of an operation to be very satisfying for both the patient and the physician. It is always a wonderful experience when the patient experiences immediate improvement.”

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