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Jeffrey Jeff, MD Hand SurgeonMeet Fellow Dr. Jeffrey Jett


Native to the Eastern US, Dr. Jeffrey (Jeff) Jett was born in Portsmouth, VA but grew up in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Later, Dr. Jett lived in Trion, GA, before moving to Southern Maine. Our newest fellow received his undergrad degree at the University of New Hampshire and finished medical school at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine.

When we asked Dr. Jett why he was interested in the Christine M. Kleinert Institute, his response was, “I chose CMKI because of their world-famous reputation for being leaders in the field of hand and microsurgery. Other reasons were the volume of cases they see, the breadth of pathology, and the autonomy.”

We asked Dr. Jett what interested him about working with hand patients, he said, “Most interesting thing I’ve seen working with hand patients is the amazing capacity for the hand to heal with proper treatment. Also, the variety of pathology seen can span from fractures and trauma to tendon/ligament/soft tissue injury, to artery/nerve repair and microsurgery, to pediatrics, to oncology cases, etc.”

Dr. Jett told us that one of the reasons he enjoys working with Kleinert Kutz physicians and staff is the approachability and friendliness of everyone. He also said that it’s very easy to discuss cases or research topics with physicians and that the ancillary staff genuinely cares about how each of the fellows is doing and they reach out to help at any opportunity. At CMKI, we love hearing this!

Role models are important in life, and when we asked Dr. Jett who his hand surgeon role model would be, he said, “ it would have to be Peter Stern. He has left a lasting legacy in this field and he is always honest with his patients, fellows, outcomes, and complications. I was lucky enough to work with him for a month during my 4th year of residency and he just had a great bedside manner and relationships with all of his staff, fellows, and colleagues. Even at age 74 at the time he still had an eagerness to continue learning and expanding his repertoire.”

Dr. Jett told us that for him, the greatest challenge in being a doctor is managing the work-life balance. ”It can be difficult at times to dedicate yourself to furthering your knowledge in the field of hand surgery, taking calls, managing patients, and prepping for cases while at the same time being able to be a family man while at home. The best way to overcome these obstacles for me was to set aside at least a few hours on busy days or a few days during light weeks to doing just family activities. Even simple things like going to the park, preparing a homemade meal, or playing video games with the kids can still make lasting memories.”

Music is also a hobby for him, he enjoys playing music (currently plays electric and bass guitar, piano, drums, an 808, and a ukulele he picked up when he went to Hawaii).

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