Do Not Be a Victim of Hamburger Hand

Avoid Avocado HandWith warmer weather you may be planning on grilling burgers tonight except you forgot to thaw your meat. It happens all the time, but do not be a victim of Hamburger Hand!

We know many of you have tried this because we have seen the results too many times in our office. What I refer to as “Hamburger Hand” occurs when you are using a knife to pry apart frozen hamburger and the knife slips off the frozen meat and impales the hand holding it.

It does not have to be hamburger though. I have seen this injury occur prying apart frozen sausage or biscuits too!

These injuries can be serious with lacerations or deep punctures that can involve tendon, nerve and artery. Bleeding can be significant. Bleeding that does not stop with pressure or loss of finger motion or sensation should be evaluated as soon as possible.

Avoid Avocado HandNever fear, though, as there is a fast and much safer solution. Avoid this injury by simply thawing your meat or other frozen food in the microwave for a few minutes!

This simple act will allow for a nice night of grilling and spending time with your family or friends, rather than an evening with a Kleinert Kutz hand surgeon.

Happy Grilling!

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