Happy National Hand Therapy Week!

In honor of Hand Therapy Week, we want to share a patient testimonial about the power of hand therapy and the impact it has on recovering from a traumatic injury.

On February 9th, Rachel suffered a debilitating work injury while performing a job she had done countless times in the past. She misjudged the distance on a belt sander causing her left sleeve to get caught, ultimately pulling her left hand into the machine. Rachel went to her local hospital and was immediately sent to Jewish Hospital in downtown Louisville where Dr. Tuna Ozyurekoglu led a team of surgeons to repair her hand.

Happy National Hand Therapy Week
Happy National Hand Therapy Week

Rachel never thought she would be able to keep her hand. She thought her life would never be the same. However, because of the trust she placed in Dr. Tuna and her commitment to hand therapy, she has made phenomenal progress. She wants people to know that there are options besides amputation and in saving her hand, Dr. Tuna and the therapists have given Rachel her life back.

After a traumatic injury, therapy becomes a crucial part of recovery. Rachel’s therapist, Jennifer King MS, OTR/L, has this to say about Rachel and her journey:

“It has been such a joy to work with Rachel. As one can imagine, it can take a toll on any person when they sustain such a traumatic injury. However, it has been truly amazing to see the positive spirit, motivation, and perseverance that Rachel was maintained throughout this whole process. Of course, I have to acknowledge the incredible work performed by Dr. Tuna and his team. It is truly amazing to witness what they were able to accomplish to allow Rachel the possibility return to as many of her functional activities are possible.

As an occupational therapist, working with a patient with Rachel’s attitude is very rewarding. Not only does she drive one hour each way to attend therapy sessions, three times a week; it is also evident about the about of work that she continually puts in at home. Although she has undoubtedly undergone ups and downs with initially believing she would be unable to functionally use the hand again; it is her dedication and ‘willingness to do’ that has allowed her to progress as she had. You will never hear Rachel say that she “can’t” do something. My colleague, Julie Sheldon, and I are very excited about what the future holds for Rachel. Rachel would like to return to kayaking- and we want to get her there!”

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