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mandoline HandMandolines are found in almost every household kitchen. When safely used, food can be quickly sliced and processed on the razor-sharp blade in almost no time at all.

Unfortunately, we have seen many injuries occur from improper and unsafe use of these kitchen aids. Most mandolines have a guard that not only helps secure the food, but protects your fingers from contacting the blade.

Not surprisingly, most of the mandolines related injuries are due to users being in a hurry and failing to use this guard. The results can be severe and are not worth the extra few seconds it takes to secure the guard.

ALWAYS USE THE GUARD (as shown in video) that holds the food for you so that you are not using your unprotected fingers as you pass over the blade. Doing so will allow you to enjoy your freshly sliced vegetables with all of your fingers still intact!

This video is instructional only and no sound

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