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Right Where She Belongs

Some people stumble into their profession, others find their careers later in life, but for Ann Buchanan, NP-C, this is a calling.

“I have always known I wanted to be in the medical field,” recalls Ann as she remembers her childhood. “My dad (Charles “Butch” Kincaid, M.D.) was a hand and plastic surgeon. I grew up running around hospitals—making the rounds with him, helping him some in the operating room and in his office.”

Ann earned two bachelor’s degrees – one in biology and another in nursing – both from Bellarmine College (now Bellarmine University), here in Louisville, Kentucky. After that, she went on to the University of Louisville where she received a master’s degree in nursing, along with an APRN.

It was while Ann was an RN, and a patient herself, that she decided to make the jump from RN to NP (registered nurse to nurse practitioner). When she was visiting her own doctor’s office, she would see the nurse practitioner as her provider. “I saw what she did and could do, and I knew that's what I wanted to do too. She was awesome; she was so smart (and still is). She took her time with me, listened to me, and was very nice and friendly. I knew I could be that.”

By all accounts, that is exactly what Ann Buchanan is. She’s worked with Kleinert Kutz for over seven years and is proud to call it “home.” She came to Kleinert Kutz in response to an advertisement for a nurse practitioner. “When this opened up, I knew it would be a perfect fit, and it is. I am very happy here. I love my job, and I believe that shows to my patients.”

“My favorite part of the profession is the autonomy. I get to perform minor procedures, educate my patients, and take time with them. I love it when a patient is seeing the doctor and they ask for me to give them their injection [instead of the doctor. They know] I can do it better, with less pain.”

Ann is quick to share her appreciation of the team at Kleinert Kutz. “I work with some of the best hand surgeons in the world. It's amazing what the hand does – and all the little things that could go wrong with it – and how smart these people are to figure it out. I work with many, many great nurses, and the supporting staff is the backbone of this practice.”

Ann Buchanan is board-certified as an adult NP with the American Academy of nurse practitioners (AANP).

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