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Meet Ayush Bhakta Shrestha

A Good Fellow to Know
Ayush Bhakta Shrestha

Fellow Ayush Bhakta Shrestha has traveled half way around the world to study and practice with Kleinert Kutz. He says he was drawn to our fellowship program because we’re “the rock stars of hand surgery.” We think Dr. Shrestha is pretty rockin’ too, so we sat down for a chat with him.

Beautiful Nepal not only gives rise to Mount Everest, it is also the birthplace of Ayush Bhakta Shrestha, who hails from the valley that is also its capital, Kathmandu. He completed both his undergraduate work and received his medical degree in Nepal.

Dr. Shrestha’s calling to pursue medicine was born from his profoundly simple desire to “treat people and save lives.” As such, it was no surprise that when asked what he enjoyed most about being a doctor, he again responded simply but meaningfully, “helping patients and
effectuating hopes.”

When asked to choose a preference between hand care and arm care, Dr. Shrestha said he considers hand care his specialty. His favorite quote is great advice for everyone and sums up his passion neatly:

“Do what you love and love what you do.”

Outside of work, Dr. Shrestha says he loves Louisville most for our beautiful Ohio River and for the people who live here. We’re glad to count Dr. Shrestha among us; he’s a rockin’ good fellow to know.

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