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Occupational Therapist Jackson Gall

Meet Jackson Gall, OT

In this week’s blog, we are introducing you to Jackson Gail. He works primarily in our Indiana and Downtown Louisville office. Jackson graduated from the University of Mississippi with his Bachelor's degree and then continued his education at Indiana University School of Health and Rehabilitation Services, where he received his Masters in Occupational Therapy.

Who is your biggest mentor?

Although there are many, professionally Greg Frey has been my biggest mentor. I have a strong interest in orthotics and have been fortunate enough to train extensively with Greg. He has been doing orthotics for close to 30 years and is truly a master brace maker. He has elevated orthotics to an art form and I still consult him for advice regularly.

What do you like about living in Kentuckiana?

I live in New Albany and it has an interesting old downtown that has undergone an immense revitalization in the last several years. There is a flourishing food and drink scene that continues to expand that I've really enjoyed. The downtown buildings are neat with old wood and interesting architecture. It feels like it has soul. I also find the river history here pretty fascinating.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy woodworking, leather working, longboard skateboarding, mountain biking, kayaking, most lake sports and outdoor adventure of all kinds.

Tell us about a rewarding patient experience.

There are so many. Today a patient told me that I was awesome at my job after making her an extension outrigger splint. She suffers from radial nerve palsy which affects her ability to extend her wrist and fingers. The splint uses rubber-bands and fishing line to help her open her fingers to better be able to then grasp objects. She was very pleased with how it improved her function and was very grateful for it.

Tell us about a memorable patient.

I had an older gentleman with a table saw injury last year who was an avid solo canoe racer. His injury required several months of therapy. He had difficulty gripping a paddle due to a webspace contracture to his thumb. We used serial static splinting to widen his webspace again. After his recovery, he gave me a solo canoe lesson on the Blue River. He still stops in the office to bring me food every couple of months.

What is your favorite book?

I have a few favorites but one is Shanty-Boat. It is Harlan Hubbard's account of him and his wife's journey down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers aboard a boat that they built. They took 5 years to float down to the gulf. They carried bees on the boat and played viola and cello together at night. They fished, planted gardens and foraged for food, painted, read books and had many great adventures. A bucket list item of mine is to make a similar journey on the rivers.

What is the most interesting thing you've done recently?

Last summer I did a 12 mile downhill mountain bike ride from the top of the Bighorn mountains back down to Buffalo out in Wyoming. It was an epic ride and I even ran over a snake but it was at such high speed that it didn't have a chance to strike.

What is the scariest thing you've done recently?

Last summer my neighbor dared me to ride a skateboard from the top of Budd road back down to Two Mile Lane. I slowly worked my way up toward the top going higher and higher to build my comfort. I made it down from 4/5 of the way up. It was easily twice as fast as I've ever been on a skateboard and I got a bad case of speed wobbles on my last run. I was so close but I decided not to go any higher before getting more protective equipment and my neighbor won the bet.

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