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Getting to Know Julie Sheldon

If you ask Certified Hand Therapist Julie Sheldon what led her to where she is today, it’s plain to see that helping people overcome physical challenges has been a major motivator in her life. In this post, we’re happy to introduce you to Ohio native and podcast listener, Julie Sheldon.

“I was hooked.” Julie says that from her first position at a facility for the severely disabled, she knew therapy was her passion. While she was there working as a recreational aid, her sister was there working as a therapist. From this first experience, she was able to witness firsthand the huge impact that therapy—and a good therapist—can have on a patient’s life.

Julie Sheldon is now having a huge impact on the lives of Kleinert Kutz Hand Care Center patients. Each patient story is different, and every day brings new challenges. But in all cases, Julie says, “it is very satisfying to see and be a part of how a person progresses and heals following a devastating hand injury.”

Attitude plays a big part in healing. Julie recognizes this and says, “I love working with someone who works hard and wants to do anything they can to get better. I remember one patient drew us a painting of a hand while he was still in recovery from a horrific hand crushing injury. He always had such a great outlook and was very motivated. He even helped the other patients stay optimistic during their recovery!”

Teamwork plays a huge role in successful outcomes too. After college at Eastern Kentucky University and grad school at the Washington University School of Medicine, Julie says she was initially drawn to Kleinert Kutz by a reputation for being the best in hand care. But she knew she found someplace truly special when she “interviewed and was personally taken around to meet the different staff members and chat with some of the doctors.” She was impressed by how closely the group works together.

As if to underscore the strength of the Kleinert Kutz Hand Care team, when asked to name her mentor, she gives us a big smile and readily names co-worker, Physical Therapist, Holly Habeeb. (We introduced you to Holly last week. Check it out if you missed it.)

When Julie’s not working with the team at CMKI/KKA, or helping her patients achieve new mobility goals, you can find her enjoying one of the many “great places to eat” in Kentuckiana. She also likes reading true crime books and listening to podcasts.

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