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Meet Mario Ledesma

It’s the Care That Matters Most

Kleinert Kutz fellow, Mario Abraham Almaraz Ledesma, says he wanted to become a doctor because, “I always wanted to feel that I was doing something good for someone else.”

Mario Ledesma was born and educated in the picturesque city of Monterrey, Mexico, in the northern state of Nuevo León. During his practice, he met two hand surgeons who had previously worked with Kleinert Kutz, and after listening to them, he knew he wanted to fellowship here.

Dr. Ledesma has always thought that believing in oneself and working hard would lead to success. And for Mario, success includes caring for others. Providing that care is his favorite part of being a doctor. He enjoys “helping others by making them feel better.”

One of his favorite memories as a doctor is helping a young lady who was traveling through town on her own, trying to get home, and just happened to be in a car accident. She ended up in pain, afraid, and all alone in the emergency room of a hospital unknown to her. But luckily, she also landed in the care of Dr. Ledesma.

“She had a broken humerus and had to be taken into surgery.” Because of her situation, he was worried for her. He said he thought of his own family and how much their love and support mean to him. After surgery, he took extra care of her until her parents were able to arrive. “When her family came, we just clicked. She was a good patient and they were good people. They were very grateful to me and that made me feel really great.”

Mario enjoys Louisville, saying he finds it tranquil. He’s currently reading the detective novel, Balas de Plata [Silver Bullets], by Elmer Mendoza. He hopes to return home to Monterrey after his fellowship and practice there.

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