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Meet Michael Moneyhon

Getting to Know Michael Moneyhon

Fellow Michael Moneyhon is happy to tell you that he is right where he wants to be. “The Kleinert Kutz fellowship program has trained some of the world’s best surgeons and is renowned for its major advancements in hand surgery.” Coming here, says Michael simply, “was my top choice.”

Originally from Somerset, Kentucky, Michael Moneyhon headed north for his education and received both his undergraduate degree and his medical degree from the University of Kentucky. He credits his parents for instilling in him “the importance of hard work and a compassion for others.” Those two things, plus a love of science and an interest in human physiology brought him to medicine.

But it is the opportunity to deeply and meaningfully help people that keeps Dr. Moneyhon engaged. “The ability to improve the function and use of the hand can have a major impact on someone’s life.” He recounts a story from his residency to illustrate his point.

“In my residency training, I treated a patient who suffered from multiple injuries following a terrible car accident. He was wheelchair bound and unable to eat without a feeding tube. He required many surgeries and was in the hospital for many months. He maintained a positive outlook throughout, and I found that inspiring. I grew very close to him, and to his family, with whom I interacted every day. They were so appreciative of everything we did for him. We keep in touch to this day and he continues to make amazing progress in his recovery.”

Like a lot people in the Kleinert Kutz offices, Michael Moneyhon is a reader, but you might not want to borrow the book on his bedside table. He’s currently reading the 2000+ page tome, Green’s Operative Hand Surgery. After his fellowship, he’d like to practice medicine in Los Angeles, California.

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