#MyHandsCan get back behind the wheel!

Hannah Howard

Not only is Hannah Howard thankful to be back behind the wheel of a car, she’s thankful to even be alive. As Hannah was driving home after visiting a friend in January, she was hit head on by a drunk driver. The car accident left her vehicle completely totalled. After the wreck, Hannah had to wait until the local fire department arrived at the scene to be cut from the car. Luckily, the only major injuries Hannah sustained were two shattered bones in her wrist- caused by the impact of the crash as Hannah was gripping the steering wheel.

After being removed from the car, Hannah spent most of the night in the local Emergency Room. Upon review of her injuries, the ER physicians set her wrist back to a neutral position and referred her to a hand specialist for immediate surgery. After some quick research and discussions with family and friends, Hannah decided to consult with a physician at Kleinert Kutz Hand Care Center.

Hannah arrived at Kleinert Kutz the next day, where Dr. Tuna Ozyurekoglu scheduled her for surgery to repair her wrist.

Hannah had this to say about her experience at Kleinert Kutz, “I was told exactly what was broken, what had to be done, and my potential recovery time. The friendly, careful, and respectful staff were some of the most exceptional I'd ever experienced, and considering this was my first major surgery, I was comforted and less anxious after leaving. When it was time to go in for surgery, I walked in to a welcoming atmosphere where I waited a minimal amount of time before I was taken back. Upon awakening post surgery, I was comfortable and in minimal pain considering I had two plates and several screws in my wrist now. My family got to come see me while I waited in recovery to be released.”

Three months post-surgery, Hannah is driving again. “I am so very thankful to say that three months later I have regained use of my hand and wrist and It is getting stronger by the day. I would not feel safe or comfortable going to ANYONE other than Kleinert Kutz for major technical surgeries such as mine. Thanks to Kleinert Kutz, #MyHandsCan get back behind the wheel!"

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