Patient Experience

Patient Experience at Kleinert Kutz Hand Center

Patient Experience

When making an appointment at Kleinert Kutz Hand Care Center, we find it valuable for our patients to know what to expect. In this blog post, we break down the team that follows your case while you are a patient.

Who will see me at my appointment?

Kleinert Kutz utilizes a diverse team of individuals to deliver quality care to our patients. Each surgeon’s team consists of a Fellow, a physician extender, a nurse and medical assistant, along with certified radiology staff members. At times, a certified hand therapist may be involved in your care plan.

Who is this “Fellow”?

Our fellowship program allows our patients the unique opportunity to be evaluated and treated by providers from around the world. The accredited fellowship program is a cooperative effort of the Institute and the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Fellows are fully trained plastic, orthopedic or general surgeons who come to Louisville from all over the world for additional training in hand and microsurgery. To date, more than 1,200 physicians from 59 countries have served as Fellows. At Kleinert Kutz, we feel our dedication to education enhances the care provided to our patients that cannot be matched in our area.

How do I contact my doctor?

It is important to us that you feel you have access to your care team at Kleinert Kutz. Our surgeons’ work week consists of clinic time and surgical time. They are also on call to provide emergency care to those individuals who require acute intervention. Kleinert Kutz utilizes an experienced clinic team to handle incoming patient calls for scheduling and consulting purposes. For any concerns or questions you have for your care team and/or surgeon, you can access them by calling the office and leaving a detailed message for the clinical staff that includes your name, date of birth, and nature of your call. For issues that cannot be addressed by our clinical staff, your surgeon will be contacted for additional input.

To contact your care team for medical questions and/or concerns, call 502-561-4215 and follow the prompts.

What is a “Physician Extender”?

A physician extender is a health care provider who is not a physician but who performs specific medical activities typically provided by a physician. The physician extenders at Kleinert Kutz include both physician assistants (PA) and advanced nurse practitioners (APRN). Kleinert Kutz involves physician extenders in your care to improve the continuity and outcome of your care plan.

A physician assistant (PA) is licensed to practice medicine under the supervision of a physician. Their education requires a bachelor's degree, plus two to three years of additional training that results in a relevant master's degree. PAs must meet ongoing education requirements throughout their careers, which includes taking continued education classes, and are regularly retested on their medical expertise.

Nurse practitioners have received advanced education in healthcare fields that include primary care but can also include dozens of specialties. They have more clinical independence and more authority than other types of nurses, such as registered nurses (RN). They may practice on their own in some states, diagnosing and treating patients, or they may work alongside a physician.

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