Vicious Pit Bull Attack Nearly Cost Him His Life

Endoscopic Carpel Tunnel ReleaseOne conversation with David Weaver and you know that he is an eternal optimist who does not let things hold him down. No doubt, that “can do” attitude has played a pivotal role in his recovery from his January 15th attack by 3 pit bulls that nearly cost him his life.
Retired and highly active, 62-year-old Weaver was taking a typical morning walk through Shawnee Park when the dogs appeared. An avid bike rider, Weaver is no stranger to having dogs follow him. “I first thought they might follow and walk with me, but it quickly became clear that they wanted to attack me,” stated Weaver. Fighting them off the best he could Weaver was crouched low on his knees trying to use his hand and arms to protect himself. With all 3 dogs viciously attacking he struggled to push his way towards the front of the park hoping someone would help. “It crossed my mind if I didn’t get help, I may die.”

Endoscopic Carpel Tunnel ReleaseAfter two different passersby failed to help, a third finally stopped and used his car to scare the dogs off. With bites covering his entire body and his clothes ripped to shreds, Weaver’s hands took the brunt of the attack as he used them as weapons. “My hands were like hamburger. I could see my bones, my tendons, everything.”

Rushed to the hospital where he remained for weeks, Dr. Michelle Palazzo performed multiple surgeries to rebuild Weaver’s hands. “I have been extremely impressed with Dr. Palazzo and the entire team. I cannot speak highly enough about the care and the therapy I have received to regain my life.”

Pitbull AttackToday, other than being slightly more nervous around dogs, Weaver is happy to be back to his active lifestyle. “This accident made me realize how short life can be and it reminds me to live each day to the fullest.”

To see the full news story about Weaver’s attack as featured on WHAS11 click here

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