Volleyball Injuries

Power tools used on do-it-yourself projects can be devastating to your hands. To work safer:

  • Never remove machine safeguards
  • Do not override the safety cut-off switch on the tool
  • Secure work with clamps or a vise, freeing both hands to operate the tool
  • Use personal protective equipment
  • Work in well-lighted areas
  • Make all adjustments to tools with the power off
  • Disconnect tools when not using them
  • Do not wear loose clothing or jewellery around the wrists
  • Keep your finger off the trigger when carrying the tool

If case of a laceration, we recommend the following steps are taken:

  • Elevate the hand above the heart and apply pressure to the wound with a clean cloth.
  • If after applying continuous pressure for 15 minutes does not stop the bleeding, seek emergency care.
  • If any numbness or inability to move the fingers occurs, seek emergency care.

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