Chris Bryant: Tenolysis Surgery

Chris Bryant had his third surgery last week following his tragic ATV accident in March that nearly caused him to lose his hand. See pre-surgical procedure picture below (warning the image is disturbing!) His initial surgery to repair the extensive damage to his hand took 9 ½ hours.

The results after surgery were remarkable and Chris continued his physical therapy, gaining strength and use of his hand. He also had a skin graft surgery. However, as is often very common after an injury this severe – a normally occurring inflammatory response resulted in the formation of scar tissue that interfered with the tendon’s sliding movement. As a result, Chris suffered from limited range of motion and was unable to fully open and close his hand.

To remedy this, Dr. Moreno performed Tenolysis. Tenolysis is the surgical procedure used to remove scare tissue or adhesions that interfere with movement. The result as seen in this video 1-week post-op show significant improvement.

NOTE: This video has no sound


Chris and baby BeauFor Chris, he is forever thankful and grateful to Dr. Moreno for saving his hand. He will continue to faithfully exercise his hand, even setting his alarm to get up and move it twice each night! As an employee of LG&E he remains focused on getting back to work as soon as possible. And, of course, he is forever thankful to have two working hands to hold his 3 month old son, Beau.


Pre Operative Photo - warning the image is disturbing!

Graphic Photo of Chris's hand before surgery

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