Chamberlain Pointe Office

4642 Chamberlain Lane, Suite 202
Louisville, Kentucky 40241

(502) 561-4263
(800) 477-4263

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Kleinert Kutz Hand Care Center’s Chamberlain Pointe office is the located in Chamberlain Pointe Center on the corner of Brownsboro Road and Chamberlain Lane.

The Chamberlain Pointe office provides comprehensive treatment of the hand and upper extremity, which not only includes the hand, but also the finger, wrist, elbow and arm. The Chamberlain Pointe Center is staffed by specialists in hand and microsurgery. The Chamberlain Pointe office offers complete medical services including office appointments, minor treatment room for hand, wrist and arm emergency cases, aesthetic plastic consultations and treatments, x-ray, therapy and orthotics.

The Chamberlain Pointe clinic accepts new patients and accepts most insurance plans.  We treat pediatric and adult patients.

For urgent appointments, please call our office. We will try our best to schedule same day appointments if possible. For hand, wrist or arm emergencies, please call (502) 561-4263.

Map & Directions

From I-71 North
Take exit 9A onto 1-265 South/Gene Snyder Freeway.
Follow directions from I-265 South.

From I-71 South
Take exit 9A to merge onto 1-265 South/Gene Snyder Freeway.
Follow Directions from I-265 South

From I-265 North (Gene Snyder Freeway)
Take exit 34 for Crestwood/KY-22/Brownsboro Road towards Crestwood.
Turn right on KY-22/Brownsboro Road
Take immediate right into Chamberlain Pointe Center.

From I-265 South (Gene Snyder Freeway)
Take exit 34 for Crestwood/KY-22/Brownsboro Road.
Turn left on KY-22/Brownsboro Road.
Take immediate right into Chamberlain Pointe Center.

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