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Kleinert Kutz Hand Care Center in New Albany, Indiana has the OrthOne® 1.0T, Dedicated Extremity MRI. The MRI provides high field image quality, as well as a totally non-claustrophic and comfortable MRI experience for patients. This system consistently provides reliable, high image quality scanning of the hand, wrist, elbow, foot, ankle and knee.

The powerful imaging capability combined with the consistent positioning of the anatomy to be scanned will provide image resolution for superior diagnostic capability.

Board certified Musculosketal Radiologists read the scans and can provide reports within two hours. Same day appointments are available.

For Physicians

  • High field image quality
  • High field clinical and pulse sequence flexibility
  • “Sweet Spot” Imaging (design optimized for extremities)

For Patients

  • Open magnet design eliminates the feeling of claustrophobia and the need for sedation
  • Comfortable chair (not table or cart)
  • Limbs only are inserted into magnet
  • Fast scan times (approximately 45 minutes)
  • Eliminates waiting for MRI appointment

For further information or to schedule an MRI, please call (812) 981-4730.

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Kleinert Kutz MRI Center

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3605 Northgate Court, Suite 202
New Albany, Indiana 47150

(812) 981-4730

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