Baseball Injuries

Unfortunately, injuries are just a part of the game. Injury can make a team lose a game or can crack the whole season. Injury can end a player’s career. Unbelievably, injuries always have the worst timing. Injuries come in array. One injury may bring another.

Safety precautions and fitness are the keys to prevention of injuries. Officials have given all the effort to implement safety in baseball leagues. Especially in young baseball leagues, young players are inexperienced and depend on adult guidance. It is an enormous responsibility to guide young athletes and manage their teams. The liability is not limited to the safety of the environment and the game but also includes the physical wellbeing of the players and safeguarding their future for a baseball career.

Little League Baseball has imposed certain rules and regulations to make the league safer. On-field safety improvements, performance standardization of the non-wooden bats, and implementation of general accident precautions decreased the number of injuries significantly. Unfortunately, despite these regulations, the number of “Tommy John” surgeries in high school or younger pitchers has doubled during 2000-2005 compared to 1995-2000. This was undeniably related to pitching beyond point of fatigue: overuse. Little League International implemented the pitch count guidelines in 2007.

Players can prevent overuse injuries by developing certain play habits. Warming up before practice or a game by running, stretching and easy, gradual throwing is essential. The young athlete should follow his age appropriate pitching recommendations: Master the fastball first and the change-up second, before considering breaking pitches. It is always better to rotate playing positions. A baseball player should never pitch while having shoulder, elbow or wrist pain. Taking breaks and not pitching on consecutive days are crucial. The young player is now limited to a certain number of pitches a day depending on their age. Age appropriate pitch count limitation is imperative to prevent overuse injuries.

Common Upper Extremity Injuries in Baseball

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